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14 April 2012 @ 03:51 pm
Fringe 4x15-4x17  

Oh, I understand why they did everything they did, but....


Don't get me wrong, I'll still defend this show to the ground as smart, and engaging, and wonderful. The thing is, it's finally gone and done the ONE THING that almost all shows do, sooner or later, and that I was SO PROUD of it for not doing... it's went OOC for the sake of plot.

Ok, granted, it's a matter of opinion. Personally, though, the idea of our Olivia cheerily abandoning her hunt for the truth, including all her memories of incredibly important relationships, for the sake of being with Peter? DO. NOT. WANT. Seriously, the Olivia I fell in love with would NEVER be that careless, blithe, or callous.
I understand that, to her, her memories of Peter are real, but I cannot believe that it wouldn't bother her that she's lost the mother/daughter relationship she clearly had with Nina, or that she's obviously breaking Lincoln's heart by forgetting everything they shared.

Throughout the first three seasons, I enjoyed the Olivia/Peter romance as a side plot. Not a whole lot of chemistry, in my opinion (unlike with Lincoln/ Olivia, but my bias is showing), but they were cute, and anything that make Olivia happy was good with me.

My tolerance ended the SECOND it jeopardized the integrity of the show, and of Olivia's character.

And then. AND THEN. They just had to go and destroy the ONE SOLID SHIP I was rooting for! Red-'Verse Lincoln and Olivia were fun, uncomplicated, and clearly meant for each other, IMHO (see Bloodline). Now-- I guess as an attempt to simplify the relationships?-- the show decides to: screw up the home 'verse Lincoln/ Olivia (by making Olivia wildly OOC) --> drive Lincoln to flee to another universe because of it --> quickly kill off that universe's Lincoln so that the home Lincoln will have a reason to stay. Voila! Four unique characters, two unique ships. Cut and dried...except for the character assassination.

It's almost like Rise of the Cybermen/ Age of Steel... except that Lincoln is NOT MICKEY, Peter/ Olivia is NOT ROSE/ DOCTOR, and Alt!Lincoln is NOT RICKEY (he's a real character, not a placeholder... and speaking of, did anyone else think that they were making him purposefully less likeable in 4x17? He was a little cocky before, but never pathologically narcissistic, or whatever home Lincoln called him).

I really want to believe that this is going to work out, and that I'll regain my faith in the show in another couple of episodes (I haven't seen last night's, yet), but this is probably the most disappointed I've ever been with Fringe.

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lsw700: [DW] Donna&Wilflsw700 on April 14th, 2012 08:55 pm (UTC)
I'm really annoyed they killed of Alt-Lincoln - I was so very fond of him. And I am really worried they will set up a Lincoln/Alt!Olivia romance because I do not want that. I was all for Alt!Lincoln/Alt!Olivia, but this would be too weird. Even them just being partners feels... kind of wrong.

But I do trust the writers, so I'm still confident they know what they are doing and that everything will be amazing again. But please fix it soon, show!
sweet_anise: Fringe Olivia S1 Ponytailsweet_anise on April 14th, 2012 09:03 pm (UTC)
I find myself much more disposed to give Fringe the benefit of the doubt compared to other shows... I really hope it comes through.

I LOVED Alt!Lincoln, though-- I so badly wish that they hadn't killed him, or that, if they had, it hadn't smacked so badly of plot device.

I have hope that, with time, I'll learn to ship Lincoln/Alt!Liv... the show will have to convince me, though. It's done it twice before with two different versions of Linc/Liv, so there's hope, but I'd never really considered that particular combination as a match, before. Hopefully, if they go with a romance, they'll draw it out nicely (S5 renewal PLEASE), and they'll get Lincoln some of the confidence that his late doppelganger possessed, which made him such a great match for Alt!Liv.
fogsblue: oliviafogsblue on April 15th, 2012 04:40 am (UTC)
I admit I was happy to see Peter and Olivia back together, but was a little disturbed about how they went about getting them back together. It did make Olivia a some what uncaring which is definitely not a normal aspect of her character.

That said, I was definitely less than impressed about how they wrote off alt!Lincoln. It literally just screamed almost desperation on their part to have somewhere to put Lincoln. And it makes me question what they're going to do with alt!Olivia. She's just meant to fall for a different Lincoln to the one she actually knew for a long time? Don't get me wrong, part of me wants that, but damn they'd definitely better handle it right.

I'm like you though, a little disappointed, but up until now the show has been extremely strong so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they'll return to form.
giallarhorn: David Tennant FIREgiallarhorn on May 2nd, 2012 05:12 pm (UTC)
I don't even it went OOC for the sake of plot as much as it was just to have Polivia resolve together. But Polivia seems to be integral to the plot now, so maybe it was for the plot. It bothers me a lot that they way they've structured Olivia to be OH PETER HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU verges on boring/irritating, especially in consideration to how she treated Lincoln and Nina and Broyles and by extent, Walter. And even Rachel, who we've not even seen. And also by the fact that for someone's who has been proclaimed as being strongly empathetic, she doesn't seem to pick up on the fact that Lincoln is in serious emotional turmoil through this all.

gniowrfdgpr do not get me started with Alt!Lincoln. And Lincoln. Actually, I will get started on that, but that is going to get it's own essay.

ALSO AoS/RotC parallels, YES. I also had particular issue with how they treated Altlivia to some extent, but that's a different issue.

I had taken that Lincoln called Alt!Lincoln as narcissistic just to get under his skin, as opposed to actually describing him as narcissistic. But I did feel like the writing for him was more shallow than usual.

I remain disappointed in Blueverse. Except for Walter. Olivia and Peter are just seriously irritating right now. If the last episode plot pans out as a permanent solution and as a way of killing off a storyline, I am going to be angry.